BTF ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS was founded in 1997 in Den Hague, The Netherlands. Since the beginning, our company has been focused in covering the architectural concept design, and the site supervision during the execution phase of the projects.
BTF ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS-DE was founded in 2003 with the headquarters in Nuremberg-Germany together with the contracting of design for the technical and execution design of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Burg-Nuremberg.
SC BTFARCH RO COMPANY SRL was founded in 2007 with the headquarters in Bucharest. Since the beginning, we have focused on projects where the main objectives were the solution finding for various architectural issues, implementation of the architectural solutions, execution and European project management with local budgets.
Our team, composed of 17 architects, provides services from concept to completion, including fit out, planning execution , general consulting and project management. We do not lose ourselves in abstract matters but concentrate on implementation even during technical and design phases.
In present